Things You Should Know About Dental Insurance

Many people are afraid to go to the dentist, not because they are actually scared of the dentist, or the procedures, but because of the high costs often associated with dental work. However, there are many ways around paying significant price tags for a healthy mouth.

Dental insurance is one such way of reducing the cost of your dentist visit. However, at first glance dental plans can be confusing which is why we have collected the most frequently asked questions here to make your life easier.

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance is just like any other type of health insurance except that it covers your oral hygiene. Just like any other health coverage you can pick and choose which dental plan suits your needs and how much you are prepared to pay for the plan.

The dental insurance will cover a percentage of the costs of your dental visit. It can also cover larger dental care costs, such as those involving crowns, fillings and even root canals.

Why is dental insurance important?

The reason why dental insurance is important is because it lowers the cost in the case that you need a procedure done on your teeth, gums or on anything involving your mouth. Often accidents happen and you may chip a tooth or need an emergency root canal and do not have the money to pay for it.

But if you already have a dental plan in place then this can make the dental care affordable and allow you to keep your mouth healthy and teeth in good shape. 

In some cases there may even be a waiting period during which you cannot claim. It is better to get your dental plan earlier to ensure that it will be active when you need to claim on it.

What is full coverage?

As with health insurance there are different levels of coverage for dental insurance. These can range anywhere from basic plans to full coverage plans. Basic plans will often include checkups and cleaning but will avoid things such as emergency surgeries.

If you want to ensure that you pay as little out of pocket when visiting the dentist then you may want to consider a full coverage plan which will give you cover in as many situations as possible.

Different companies have different plans offering a range of different coverage levels. You should carefully consider which plan best suits you to make sure that you are covered as much as you need and that you are able to afford the plan.

Can I have multiple dental policies?

Yes, you can have multiple dental policies. In this case they would be referred to as the primary and secondary policies. You would refer any costs to your primary insurance company and any remaining costs may be able to be covered by your secondary policy.

However, you will never have more than 100% of the costs returned as the COB (coordination of benefits) decides which dental plan pays for which costs. Outside of this state laws may indicate which policy will may for which costs.

How much is dental insurance?

There is no set price for dental insurance and the cost of your plan will depend on the amount of coverage that you choose as well as the provider that you decide to go with.

According to multiple studies the average cost of dental insurance in America is $450 per month. And if you need to also insure your family then this cost can rise up to $1100 per month. You should also note that the cost of the dental plan may vary depending on which state you live in.

If you have young children then opting for a family dental plan can help you to save money as the average yearly dental cost for a 12 year old is $800. If you have a young family then it is definitely worth it.

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