My Kid Hates Brushing Her Teeth. What Can I Do To Change That?

Brushing one’s teeth is a simple task for adults, but how do you convince a reluctant child? Either the brush irritates the child’s gums or sees it as a waste of time and effort. In such a case, refusing to allow her to clean her teeth is not an option to consider. So, how can I persuade my child to do her oral hygiene routine?

The best techniques to get your kid to clean their teeth

To help your child remember to clean her teeth, here are a few ideas:

Be a Mirror for The World!

When children are imitated rather than taught, they learn more quickly. If you want to see children exercising good dental hygiene afterward, you’ll have to follow up with the steps. Make your youngster stare at you while you clean your teeth to keep them interested in you. As you brush, let the children see, making sure that she can’t resist brushing her teeth.

Make Cleaning Your Teeth A Pleasant Experience For The Whole Family

To entice her, concoct enticing tales that keep her interested and eager for more. Try making a funny noise with your mouth while brushing, then have her repeat it after you. She’s likely to agree because kids are constantly interested, and she doesn’t think twice about it.

Become Her Santa Claus

It’s challenging to get away with not brushing your teeth. Then you can switch it on for them with the help of Mom’s special treat. Tell your youngster that if she remembers to wash her teeth, she’ll get a surprise. For children under five, even a simple present like a pencil or a song can suffice. Older children deserve better rewards, such as allowing them to watch their favorite television show or visit their pals. Rather than rewarding them with sugary or fatty foods, give them inexpensive baubles like stickers or time to play their favorite game or watch their favorite movie.

Assist Her In Her Dental Care Product Purchasing By Acting As Her Shopping Companion

Choosing their toothbrushes and mouthwash could encourage children to brush more frequently… Choosing a brush for a child is a no-brainer: she’ll go for the color she likes most of the cartoon figure she likes best.


For your children’s health, give them little rewards for brushing their teeth. If they brush their teeth at least twice daily for two weeks straight, reward them with a fun outing or a special treat. Post a calendar with checkmarks in the bathroom for each time they clean their teeth. This way, they can monitor their progress over time.


Some kids enjoy using timers! Oral-B provides a toothbrush that can communicate with a smartphone to display how long you’ve been brushing, among other helpful information. You may also buy a two-minute timer for them to keep track of time. To keep them motivated, kids can see how long they have left to brush!

Reinforcement Of The Good

When teaching your children the importance of brushing their teeth, use positive reinforcement wherever possible. Whenever you can, please lend a hand to them and watch their faces light up when you applaud them on a job well done!

Consider Enlisting Her Help When You’re Looking for Her Oral Care Items

Have your child select their toothbrush and toothpaste. If given the option, a youngster is likely to choose a brush based on the color or picture of their favorite cartoon character. There is a greater sense of agency when it comes to brushing time.Due to individual variances, all of these may not work for every child all of the time. Of course, children have their distinct characteristics. If you try one or two of these strategies, you can be sure your child will benefit from them.

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